So far on our site, we’ve discussed plenty of reasons why our favourite ERP solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, are Godsends for Head Honchos and Bean Counters.

But how can a shiny new business management system (BMS) actually make things easier for the people who keep your business afloat from day to day – your lovely employees?

Well, you’re in luck, because we’re about to tell you.

A BMS will reduce the risk of human error

Mistakes happen. That’s a fact. The problem comes when the tiniest of errors sends a whole project completely out of whack.

Implementing a business management system will dramatically reduce problems due to human errors. This is because many of the tasks within the software are automated. If something doesn’t match up with the system’s expectations – be it as simple as a word or number being out of place – the software will send a big red flag to the user and ask them to double-check the information they have entered. This kind of intelligent workflow prevents.

The system will promote paperless working

Gone are the days of sifting through reams of paperwork to find meeting summaries or client records. Battered notepads and crumpled-up post-it notes are a thing of the past. A business management system brings all of your company’s key information into one easy-to-use central resource, and it’s saving the trees at the same time.

Staff have access to everything they need to get the job done…

The kind of integrated business management systems offered by  Dynamics 365 Business Central make sure that all of the information within the software is fully up to date – and that every user within the company has access to it at all times.

John from Accounts won’t need to send Jane in Admin that pesky Profit and Loss report again. David in Sales won’t have to handover his latest client to Denise in Customer Service for the millionth time. The info goes straight on the system, and it’s ready to be viewed when it’s needed.

…but Nosey Noras can’t get their hands on sensitive data

If you want to stop certain employees from viewing sensitive or confidential information, you can set up specific user permissions that give them limited access to certain parts of your database. It’s a basic yet hugely important feature of the software that keeps all of your top-secret stuff away from prying eyes, taking the pressure off your managers and directors, who may be worried about letting something slip.

Employees can expect their productivity to go through the roof

So already, we’ve discussed the fact that your brand spanking new business management solution will be able to reduce mistakes, help staff keep track of their tasks, and access all the information they need from their computer instead of scouring through paper-based records. Trust us when we say that all of these benefits combined will lead to better productivity. Basically, just by implementing a business management system, you’ll be getting more from your workers on a daily basis without even having to crack the whip. Bonus!

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?!

Want to know more? … Of course you do!

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