How To: Creating Customers In Microsoft Business Central

In Dynamics 365 Business Central Customers are the main entity in your sales process. They are the source of a company’s income and you will use them to register the sales of your products and services.

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To create a new Customer, choose the search icon at the top right of the screen, type “Customers” and choose the Customers link on the search results. From the Customers List press New, if you have defined templates for customers, a page will open asking you to select the template to use. The New Customer Card will open with the template information filled in. 

Fill in the Name of your Customer. On the General Fast tab, you can also define the Customer’s Credit Limit, the Salesperson and the responsibility center.

Continue to the second fast tab Address and Contact and fill in the communication information of the customer. The address, phone numbers and email.

Next move on to the Invoicing fast tab where you will need to define how this customer will post to the General ledger under the Posting Details. The Customer Posting Group defines the receivables account and the Gen. Bus. Posting group defines the G/L accounts used on the sales transactions with this customer. Additionally, you can also setup the price and discount groups. 

If the customer is transacting in a different currency you can define it at the Currency code field, so every time you use this customer on a transaction this will be the currency used by default.

In the Payments Fast tab fill in the Prepayment % that this customer should pay on a sales order. Others fields in the payments fast tab include the Payment terms Code, Payment Method Code as well as the  Reminder Terms Code and Fin. Charge Terms Code.

The Customer is now ready to use on your transactions.