When it comes to expenses, calculating and processing each employee’s expenses can be a time consuming task. Not to mention an arduous one. Add to this the fact that it’s a task that needs attention on a regular basis and it’s no surprise that many look for a solution to make it an easier, more efficient process.

Expense management solutions have been designed to do exactly this. Their intention is to remove as much of the administrative overheads as possible and to streamline the process from end-to-end. Instead of relying on spreadsheets and paper-based forms however, your expenses management solutions will utilise the power of apps and web based applications.

This will centralise the relevant data and allow for integration with your ERP system. The expense management solution we’re talking about here? Expensify.

Expensify Is Nothing Short Of Egg-cellent

If you haven’t used this expense management solution before, Expensify is a very feature rich application that has been designed to help simplify and automate a large chunk of your expense management solution. Expensify offers complete integration with Business Central.

You can even import your G/L codes from NAV and have your expense data automatically mapped. This creates a totally seamless experience within both applications. So, what’s so special about using Expensify with Business Central?

  • Enjoy Smart Scan – with Smart Scan, OCR technology is utilised within the mobile app. Users can take pictures of their receipts and Expensify will fill out all of the necessary fields, subsequently attaching a digital copy of the receipt too.
  • Credit Card Integration – credit cards can be imported and will be automatically paired with corresponding receipts.
  • Automated Workflows – these can be set up to approve smaller expenses and even to flag larger expenses when manager approval would be needed. This would also highlight duplicate or even suspicious expenses.
  • Global Currency/Tax Support – with recognition of global currency and taxes, you can utilise Expensify in any country.
  • App Integration – from Uber to Trainline, Expensify will integrate (just as it does with Business Central) seamlessly for added convenience.

Expensify And Business Central Have You Covered

With such seamless integration with Business Central, Expensify can ensure your expenses are handled with ease this Easter along with the rest of the year for that matter. Not only will you save a lot of time, but you’ll also find your expenses become far less hassle than they previously were before you had the benefit of Expensify and Business Central working together.

For more information on this expense management solution as well as Business Central itself and how it could help you and your expenses, contact us today. We’ll be happy to explain the benefits of utilising both and how they can further help streamline your expenses this Easter and beyond.