There is no doubt that the Global pandemic has brought the `Digital Transformation` methodology to the attention of successful businesses.  The key benefits of the digital revolution are an improved operational efficiency, quicker time to market and the ability to meet customer expectations, what`s not to love?!

What is Digital transformation? Well it is when an organisation re-thinks how it uses technology, people and processes to change up and better business performance.

We appreciate for a lot of organisations this can be a daunting concept but don`t be afraid, embrace it and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Here are 3 handy tips to help plan and get ready for your digital transformation journey.


Tip 1 – How do we make it happen?

If you haven`t already you need to understand and work out what `must haves` looks like within your organisation in relation to operations and business processes and above all believe in what can work for your business and your customers.  Once you have decided this you are one step closer to understanding what you can achieve with the right business systems in place. Look at how you can do things differently and have set objectives and goals in place to ensure that this happens.

There are a number of websites you can visit to help you streamline your compliance, safety and training processes, saving you time, money and mitigating risks.

Your business wouldn`t be what it is without your employees, so get them involved and on-board from the beginning. Buy in from your employees, no matter what level of seniority, is key to making the digital transformation a success.  Do it now and mitigate the risks later to ensure that you are all bought in to the change with some change management principles in place.  By encouraging your staff to see how digital change can add value to their roles by streamlining processes and making their jobs easier so they can focus on other things to help the business grow.  The message here is `buy in is key from everyone within your business`.


Tip 2 – Have a strategy to make this happen!

Like all great successful beginnings you need to have a plan of how you are going to get there and to achieve your goals.  Put down your company objectives and plan how you are going to include digital technology to make a difference to your business.

Once you`ve identified your business processes that will undergo digital change this will allow you to plan a course of action, taking into account costs, necessary resources and suitable and realistic time frames.  Successfully implementing one of these processes will then make it easier to continue with all the other processes you need in place.  You must bear in mind that your digital roadmap must be adaptable for change and one that can grow with you as a business.

Updating the technology without also reviewing and updating the systems around it means you’ll continue to make the same mistakes, just more quickly. Save yourself trouble in the long run by considering how your other processes make the most of your new solutions.

This is where the open dialogue created between all levels in the organisation comes into play: your new culture of discussion, innovation and creativity will help develop and drive new workplace practices that are faster, leaner, more engaged and not only complement, but fully harness, the powerful tech under the hood.


 Tip 3 – Find a Partner who can help you!

Finding the right Business Partner is crucial to help you with your digital transformation and implementation of the right software for your business.  Working with a Partner will ensure that the processes are achievable, sustainable, and supported by technology experts who have a wealth of experience and knowledge within this arena.

The relationship between yourselves and your Partner is a winning formula when it comes to the success of your digital transformation.

There isn`t one-size-fits all solution to digital transformation and therefore everything you do is based on what is right for you and your business and achieves your business objectives.

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