Yup, you read it right, business management software is sexy!

In this post were going to show you why automation really is making BMS sexier and how you can use it in your everyday business.

Is your organisation growing fast? Are your team struggling to stay on top of their daily tasks? It sounds like is could be time to introduce automation into the mix.

Business process automation – or BPA for short (sorry another acronym!) – involves using intelligent technology to automate the activities or services that are central to your company’s operations. You can use the ‘if-this-then-that’ methodology of BPA software to support your existing processes in sales, marketing, customer relationship management, HR and more.

Basically, business automation uses less technology to get more done!

So, that’s enough of the tech speak, now it’s time to buckle in kids, we’re going on to the interesting bit, why use automation in your business?

Why choose to automate your key business tasks?

There are three core benefits for growing companies like yours. Using the right automation system can help you:

  • Speed up your service delivery

Automation can streamline even the most time-consuming tasks. Your internal processes will be much more efficient when your team are being guided by prompts and notifications from a central automation system.

BPA ensures that everyone has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, and because your automation software will have been set up to follow predefined workflow steps, you’ll be error-proofing your work, too.

Less mistakes = higher productivity. It’s a win/win!

  • Deliver a better quality of service

Automating business processes will enable faster, more transparent communication between different departments in your organisation, and this ultimately leads to a smoother, more enjoyable experience for the people who are buying from you.

Systems that previously stood alone will be merged into one fully integrated suite of solutions, and all of the information your team needs to get the job done will be stored in one, up-to-date database that’s readily available to everyone.

Staff will no longer need to hunt around for client contracts, contact details or an update on how an account is progressing – everything they’re looking for can be accessed quickly and easily from the same source, enabling account managers and other points of contact to stay up to date with key developments and answer any queries quickly and easily…

…And, because all tasks and updates are recorded to the system in real time, miscommunication will be kept to a minimum, leaving your team free to focus on making a great impression on your customers.

  • Keep your costs down

Business automation stops your staff from wasting their valuable time carrying out manual or complex tasks. Because they are no longer bogged down with bureaucracy, they’re free to focus on what they’re paid to do. Their productivity will soar – and you’ll no doubt see profits increase as a result!

Where to start

Before you even start to think about investing in a sexy, all-singing, all-dancing automation system such as Dynamics 365 Business Central (trust us it’s the sexiest!), you’ll need to review your internal processes to make sure they’re doing what they’re mean to.

The first step is to success is to carry out a system audit and identify any gaps in your existing operational methods. If certain things just aren’t working for you and your team, it’s time to address them. Only then can you be confident that your automation platform is going to improve your new system and not over-complicate it.

Other things you’ll need to consider are the security implications of automation, whether your company will experience any disruption or downtime as a result of deployment, and, of course, the level of return you’re likely to get from your investment.

But you don’t have to work it all out on your own. Our team can help you identify shortcomings and find effective solutions that will allow you to make the most of everything our automation software has to offer.

Learn more about our sexy  automation platform

Nine times out of ten, investing in a great business automation system makes sense for evolving businesses. However, if you need more convincing, our experts are always on hand to explain the myriad of benefits of BPA in more detail.

Contact us today to book a D365 demo. You’ll learn more about business automation and how our suite of cloud-based and on premise solutions could transform your way of working!